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Life or Death, Basically will be available to stream both live and on-demand on The ON Channel beginning august 1!

ON is a new subscription streaming service that features film, tv, and web content. it will be available on roku, apple tv, chromecast, and amazon in the coming months!
you should definitely consider subscribing to The ON Channel for all of the other great webseries content they have, but LODB will still, as always, be available to view on our Vimeo page and here on our website.

we are so excited for the opportunity to bring this story to more people, and very grateful to ON for their support! 

LODB will begin streaming August 1 at 8:00PM EST. 

Kimberly Rolfs
9th Annual New Media Film Festival

last weekend, some of the Life or Death, Basically team had the very exciting opportunity to attend the 2018 New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles, where LODB was an official selection in the Webseries category! it was amazing - we got to meet so many other creators and watch some beautiful series and films. thank you so much to NMFF for taking a chance on us; it was an incredible experience to see our pilot up on the big screen!

Kimberly Rolfs

there has been a lot of amazing news and exciting things happening for the life or death, basically team lately.

firstly, we are an official selection for the 2018 New Media Film Festival! it takes place in los angeles this june, and we are so excited to get to share this story with even more people. 

NMFF official selection.jpg

and secondly, series writer + creator kimberly rolfs recently did an interview for Mental Gladiator Media about the process of working on LODB, as well as her own struggle with borderline personality disorder. you can read it now on their website!

"Interview With Life or Death, Basically Creator Kimberly Rolfs"

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.52.03 PM.png

stay tuned for an interview that kimberly and LODB director alex hughes did with Script Magazine, coming soon, as well as plenty more exciting news! and as always, follow along on our instagram (@lifeordeathbasically), twitter (@lodbasically), and facebook for even more photos and updates!

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Lots of incredible news... season finale and SEASON TWO!

WOW. we're not great at updating this news page, but you better be keeping up with our social media (@lifeordeathbasically on instagram, Life or Death, Basically on facebook, @lodbasically on twitter) - we're much more on top of things there. 

FIRST THINGS FIRST, episode 7 (the season one finale) premiered on february 24. we are so proud of this episode, and we hope you watch it if you haven't already! it's on our vimeo page, as well as on the season one page of this site, and BELOW! 

the night of february 24, life or death, basically writer and creator kimberly rolfs was invited to speak at a fundraiser for womxn artists, benefiting the nyc-based, womxn-produced play independence (opening this friday - get your tickets here). 


it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with other artists, see some incredible work, and share a bit about life or death, basically with some more people!!


kimberly works for stumptown coffee roasters as her day job, and stumptown has a quarterly grant for its employees called the Passion Project Fund, where people can receive up to $1000 to fund their "passion project." AND WE GOT IT!!!! chosen out of almost fifty applicants, kimberly received $1000 to put towards creating more of life or death, basically

so stay tuned... season two is in the works, and lots and lots more is coming soon!! 

Kimberly Rolfs

episode 6 of life or death, basically is live!! 

we break from the structure a little bit in this one and take samantha (fern cozine) and maggie (kimberly rolfs) out of the city for an episode. it's full of poetry, fighting, friendship, and lots of wine. 

watch episode 6 above, on the the season one page of this site!

you can also still catch up on episodes 1-5 on our vimeo channel, and also via stareable, where life or death, basically is a certified Staff Pick! 

episode 7 (our season finale! 😭) coming this saturday (february 24)! 

(don't forget to follow us on instagram @lifeordeathbasically for daily news, updates, and photos!)

Kimberly Rolfs
Episode 5 + Weekend Pick


episode 5 of life or death, basically was released this past saturday, february 17. life or death, basically was also Stareable's Weekend Pick for this past weekend. 

check out our page on Stareable here, and watch episode 5 here, as well as on the season one page of this site!

Kimberly Rolfs

the first three episodes of life or death, basically launched on saturday. they are now live on our vimeo channel for viewing! episode 4 will be released this saturday, february 3. 

watch episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3 here, as well as on the season one page of this site!

we had our advance screening and premiere party on friday night at videology bar & cinema, and it was a success! some photos below. the series is getting great feedback so far, and we can't wait to share more of it with you!

kimberly rolfs  (writer/creator/maggie) at the  life or death, basically  premiere party.

kimberly rolfs (writer/creator/maggie) at the life or death, basically premiere party.

sam stagg  (tom),  kimberly rolfs  (writer/creator/maggie), and  fern cozine  (samantha) at the  life or death, basically  premiere party.

sam stagg (tom), kimberly rolfs (writer/creator/maggie), and fern cozine (samantha) at the life or death, basically premiere party.

kimberly rolfs  (writer/creator/maggie) and  fern cozine  (samantha) at the  life or death, basically  premiere party.

kimberly rolfs (writer/creator/maggie) and fern cozine (samantha) at the life or death, basically premiere party.

Kimberly Rolfs
Honeysuckle Magazine and Honeysuckle Girl Feature
"Playing Maggie, playing a version of myself that was a bit more undone and unstable, someone that closely resembled me pre-diagnosis, required me to face a lot of parts of myself that I hadn’t previously dealt with. It required coming face-to-face with the scariest, most intimate, darkest facets of my mental illness. I had to rediscover a lot of vulnerability that I had pushed down in order to function."

writer, creator, and star kimberly rolfs recently had a piece about the process of producing life or death, basically published on Honeysuckle Magazine and Honeysuckle Girl, "How I Found Freedom In Writing About My Mental Illness."

read the full essay here

Kimberly Rolfs
Bitch Media - "3 New Web Series Feminists Should Watch"
"It’s incredibly refreshing to see pop culture normalize women with mental illnesses. Whether it’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s incredible third season or the new web series LIFE OR DEATH, BASICALLY, television is grappling with the stigma women with mental illnesses face." 

we are honored to be featured in Bitch Media Senior Culture Editor Evette Dione's piece - "3 New Web Series Feminists Should Watch.

read the full article at



Kimberly Rolfs

we are so excited to announce that the first season of life or death, basically will being releasing on january 27, 2018. it will be released here on our website, and also on our Vimeo channel. 

we will premiere the first three episodes on january 27, and then air one episode per week each following week, ending with episode 7, our season finale.

premiere party 2.jpg

we are also going to be having an advance screening and premiere party the night prior to the official online release - january 26, 2018. this will be hosted at videology bar + cinema in brooklyn, ny, and will feature a screening from 6-7pm, and drinks and food with the cast and crew to follow at the videology bar. 

RSVP via our Facebook event - Life or Death Basically - Advance Screening + Premiere Party, and make sure to arrive early! there will be no standing room available. 

we hope to see you there! 

Kimberly Rolfs

a year ago yesterday, we held our first round of auditions for season one of life or death, basically. we are so thankful for this talented cast and everyone that has supported us along the way! 

stay tuned for some fun audition memories to be shared soon on our instagram - @lifeordeathbasically!

director/producer  alex hughes , writer/creator  kimberly rolfs , and casting director  talia edelheit  at our first auditions.

director/producer alex hughes, writer/creator kimberly rolfs, and casting director talia edelheit at our first auditions.

Kimberly RolfsComment
back in the studio for voiceovers

a week ago, some of the Life or Death, Basically team got to get back together to record voiceovers for season one!

we had a great session led by our fabulous editor Jacob and director Alex, and we are so excited to get to share this project with you all.

it's looking (and sounding) pretty badass. 

writer/creator  kimberly rolfs  (who also plays maggie) in the sound booth.

writer/creator kimberly rolfs (who also plays maggie) in the sound booth.

Kimberly Rolfs