we are so excited to announce that the first season of life or death, basically will being releasing on january 27, 2018. it will be released here on our website, and also on our Vimeo channel. 

we will premiere the first three episodes on january 27, and then air one episode per week each following week, ending with episode 7, our season finale.

premiere party 2.jpg

we are also going to be having an advance screening and premiere party the night prior to the official online release - january 26, 2018. this will be hosted at videology bar + cinema in brooklyn, ny, and will feature a screening from 6-7pm, and drinks and food with the cast and crew to follow at the videology bar. 

RSVP via our Facebook event - Life or Death Basically - Advance Screening + Premiere Party, and make sure to arrive early! there will be no standing room available. 

we hope to see you there! 

Kimberly Rolfs